About Caiming

Mr Cai Ming,was the founder of the Caimingdesign office ,he received his Master of design from theCAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts beijing China)architecutre design institue.

Mr.Cai worked as a design manager with Kingsmen beijing Co.,Ltd and Beijing AA Design office Co.,Ltd since 2003 ,

During that time ,he in charged of many design projects internationally;across architecture design -commerical interiors -museum, science center ,vistor center ,--Ge imagination at work Olympic pavilion;China film museum;IOC member CK wo office interiors ect; gaining a cross boarder experience of design and business .he particated as a design management speaker at kingsmen design forum from 2005-2008 in Signapore ,
and work for a special project at Lausanne Switzerland.he also have a special research experience of world expo 2005 in Aichi Janpan .



Year 2004 Gold medal of Thesis "tacit Knowing in between Architecture design " by CAFA .
Year 2003     silver mentioned in “Marginal  Space” cultural plaza design Competition, sponsor byCAFA & Architecture Creation magazine(China)
Year  2002,  Being  shortlisted into a group of 10 entries in ARENA Student Design Competition named “mobile info station”,Sponsor by Messe Frankfurt & The Chinese University of Hong Kong ,In 13-16th November 2002 ,the design works exhibited in world Trade center Beijing China .
Year 2002,   Winning the third prize in “design for sitting” Competition sponsor by CAFA & Beijing VITA industry & trade Co., ltd.
At the same year, the design works recorded in “new resources 2002 design festival CAFA china” book
At the same year ,the design works exhibited in CAFA exhibition hall & Beijing VITA industry & trade Co., ltd furniture showroom.
Year 2001   second  mentioned in “Marginal  Space” roof garden design Competition sponsor by CAFA & Architecture Creation magazine(China)
At the same year ,the design works published in Architecture Creation magazine(China)
Year 1999, Being awarded " honorable medal "in creating a new age User First Design” Electronics design competition sponsor by digital LG co., ltd & ICSID




蔡明作为设计负责人和高级经理之前供职于Kingsmen beijing Co.,Ltd 和Beijing AA Design office Co.,Ltd多年,
其中如2008年奥运会期间负责合作设计的美国通用电气“Ge imagination at work”展示馆,中国电影博物馆,

他还作为设计经理发言人参加了2005年-2008年由Kingsmen Creative Co.,Ltd在新加坡主办的地区经理人设计论坛。



2003年 参加中央美术学院与北京市建筑设计研究院举办名为“边缘空间”海淀文化艺术中心广场设计比赛,获二等奖,

2002年 参加香港大学与德国汉莎航空举办“mobile information station”城市公共设施设计比赛,作为前十个作品11月在中国国际贸易贸中心展出。

2002年  参加中央美术学院名为“为坐而设计”家具设计比赛,获铜奖 同年作品在丰意德家具展厅展出
2001年  参加中央美术学院名为“边缘空间”比赛 设计屋顶花园获三等奖,作品发表于建筑创作杂志,并收录于边缘空间设计专集。
1999年 参加世界工业产品设计比赛获荣誉奖,韩国LG电子和美国工业设计协会主办,获奖作品收录中国设计年鉴第三卷